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[Present] The world’s first in vitro detection kit for CR primary tumor cell culture
source:Percans Oncology time:2017-08-24


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Recently, Beijing Percans Oncology Co., Ltd. released a blockbuster new product, a new generation of tumor cell culture products based on conditional reprogramming [1] (CR ) technology, aiming to developing customized " In Vitro Detection Kit for i-CR Primary Tumor Cell Culture " for enterprises, hospitals, and scientific research institutions. This new testing product can performdirect tumor cell drug susceptibility testing, and the results are more intuitive and can help discover new effective cancer drugs.


CR cell culture technology

For a long time, culturing tissue cells in vitro and constructing pre-clinical models have been important methods in biomedical reseearch. Cell models can help scientists not only with better understandings of molecular mechanisms and causes of diseases, but also  in drug discovery and the development of new therapies. CR (Conditional Reprogramming) technology is the only proven system in the field that can cultivate normal and diseased cells without restriction, while retaining the genotype and phenotype of thecells.The method can preserve the full  characteristics of cancer cells, which is critical for the construction of tumor models.

Breaking through technical barriers - i-CR tumor cell culture system

In the past two years, Percans Oncology has completed two rounds of financing, which has accelerated its development in the field of cancer detection. Improved on CR technology, Percans Oncology’s innovation goes a step further. With the ability to control which type of cells, tumorous or normal, are being cultivated, the technology can effectively eliminate  the signal noise generated by normal cells, therefore greatly improving the testing accuracy and efficiency.


After extensive gathering of opinions and suggestions fromnumerous clinicians and medical research experts, and accumulating huge amount of stability test data, Percans Oncology has strived to build an accurate "i-CR primary tumor cell culture" detection system to help with customers’need for efficient and affordable research projects, including construction of primary tumor cell banks,performing accurate pharmacological analysis and efficacy testing for individualized therapies and carrying out novel oncological studies.

"i-CR Tumor Primary Cell Culture Detection Kit" uses standardized laboratory consumables and simplifies the operating procedures (from the preservation of tumor tissues to the preparation, isolation, culture of primary tumor cells, and the final quantitative detection method), which in turn helps to ensure the consistency of test results. In addition, the "i-CR Tumor Primary Cell Culture Detection Kit" will continue to expand the analysis menu and improve detection performance to broadly cover the needs of more cancer types.

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