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Personalized Tumor Drug Susceptibility Testing Platform by Percans Oncology
source:Percans Oncology time:2018-04-11

As a method of systemic treatment, chemotherapy has an irreplaceable position in the treatment of malignant tumors.

Same tumors can have different responses to chemotherapy drugs. However, due to the lack of effective verification tools, overall effect is bellow satisfactory for experience-based chemotherapy regimens. Especially for solid tumors, the survival rate of chemotherapy is only about 20%.

Clinically, practical and feasible testing methods are needed to screen out sensitive drugs before medication to carry out tailored and individualized treatment; personalized therapy has become a key factor to achieve successful chemotherapy treatment.

Percans Oncology has developed i-CR, a personalized drug susceptibility testing platform for the precise treatment of colon cancer, to provide clinicians and patients with the most valuable medical plan for reference.


Features of i-CR in vitro drug susceptibility testing platform

i-CR drug susceptibility testing technology focuses on the functionality of tumor cells. It investigates the response of tumor cells under the action of drugs instead of exploring the relationship between drug susceptibility and changes in genes and proteins. The i-CR results are more practical and correspondence to clinical outcomes. This technology takes  small samples of patients’ tumors, and performs rapid and high-throughput,  drug susceptibility tests for drugs that have been marketed or entered clinical trials, thus providing a strong basis for clinicians to make optmized medical plans for each individual patient.

Target Patients

l  Patients newly diagnosed as stage III or IV colorectal cancer;

l  Patients who have failed the standard first-line treatment plan and hope to choose the best plan;

l  Patients who have local or distant metastases and cannot benefit from genetic testing;

l  Patients who are resistant to targeted drugs and need to find effective multiple targeted drugs and targeted combinations.

Case: Differences in the susceptibility of different patients to standard medication regimens for colorectal cancer


List of tested drugs


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