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CTB-02 is a patented combination use of targeted drugs for the treatment of BRAF/KRAS mutant colon cancer and KRAS mutant non-small cell lung cancer. The application for a clinical trial for BRAF mutant colon cancer has been approved in Australia.
  • Marketed drugs have been combined into “cocktail therapy”
    • i-CR® platform facilitates the selection process of various drugs and drug combinations.
    • Flexible criteria for picking the best combinations: e.g. prioritizing the drugs with expiring patents on top of creating the safest and most effective combinations./li>
  • Screening for biomarkers to find the patients with the right indications, presenting a huge market space
    • BRAF mutations account for 8-12% of colon cancer
    • KRAS mutations account for 35-45% of colon cancer
    • KRAS mutations account for 15-25% of non-small cell lung cancer
  • CTB-02 displays striking efficacy in the PDX models of BRAF-mutant colon cancer, as well as satisfactory animal tolerance.
  • CTB-02 shows useful anti-tumor effects in various KRAS mutant NSCLC models.
  • The clinical trial is starting soon.
    • The clinical trial was cleared in Australia in September 2019.
    • The Australian clinical research team, clinical medical center, and laboratory are already in place.
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