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i-CR® Drug Screening Platform
i-CR® drug screening platform paves the way for more anti-tumor cocktail therapy discovery.
The problem in oncology research caused by tumor heterogeneity prompted us to develop a system for pharmacodynamics analysis based on primary tumor cells. Improving on conditional reprogramming (CR) technology, we have built the i-CR® platform, a new generation of tumor primary tumor cell culture and analysis technology featuring conditionally reprogrammed primary tumor cell culturing and high-content fluorescence microscopy quantitative analysis. The system can expand primary tumor cells taken from cancer patients rapidly while preserving the genetic characteristics and heterogeneity of the tumors, and subsequently perform high-throughput drug sensitivity tests. The system is suitable for individualized drug screening for cancer patients and proves to be an excellent tool for the exploration and development of new cancer drugs.
We have established research collaborations with China’s leading cancer centers to screen and evaluate therapeutic regimens including monotherapy or drug combinations to search for new and efficient ways to fight cancer.
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