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  • November 2012
    Beijig Percans Oncology Co.Ltd. was registered and established in Beijing
  • December 2013
    The clinical trial named “The study on individualized drug screening using the patient's own transplanted tumor models” was carried out.
  • January 2015
    Equity investment of RMB 25 million from Legend Capital and Legend Star was obtained in series-A financing
  • September 2015
    The company settled in PKUcare Industrial Park, and built 800m2 standard SPF animal facility and laboratory
  • August 2016
    i-Chemo® novel technology was officially released for the first time
  • January 2017
    The clinical study named “The study on individualized drug screening using the patient's micro-tumor models” was carried out
  • February 2017
    Investment of RMB 50 million from Fortune United/Partners was obtained in series-B financing
  • April 2017
    The clinical study named “The study on individualized screening of chemotherapy drugs for patients with advanced colorectal cancer of potential surgical transformation using Conditional Reprogrammed Primary Tumor Cell Library” was carried out
  • August 2017
    The i-CR® tumor primary cell culture in vitro detection system and related experimental kits were launched
  • January 2018
    Cothera Bioscience,Inc. was established and obtained an angel investment of USD 5.5 million
  • November 2018
    Percans Oncology passed national high-tech enterprise certification
  • May 2019
    The reorganization between Cothera Bioscience and Percans Oncology was completed. The company possesses an international team and an advanced basic research platform. Drugs under research are in phase I/II clinical stage
  • October 2020
    Percans Oncology passed Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise Certification
  • December 2020
    Cothera Bioscience completed the series-B financing, and obtained USD 30 million of investment
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