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  • “Use funds and managements to help and promote the growth of Chinese entrepreneurial enterprises” - Liu Chuanzhi, then president of Legend Holdings in 2001, decided to form a team led by Zhu Linan to make inroad into the investment field, and used USD 35 million from Legend Holdings as the first round of the funding, so Lenovo Investment arose in April 2001. Lenovo Investment is an independent professional venture capital company under Legend Holdings. In February 2012, Lenovo Investment changed its name to Legend Capital.
    Legend Capital positions its core business at the venture capital of the initial/start-up stage and the growth investment of the expansion stage.
    At present, USD and RMB funds under Legend Capital's management exceed RMB 45 billion, and the company is focusing on China's innovation and growth opportunities.
    As of 2018, Legend Capital has invested nearly 400 companies, of which nearly 70 companies have been successfully listed domestically or overseas, and exited from more than 50 companies through merger and acquisition.
    With the vision of “Becoming the most valuable, respected and internationally influential investment company”, Legend Capital stimulates the company’s innovation and growth with the assistance of the capital and management, and plays a role in promoting industrial progress and social development, exerts its positive influence, pursues the creation of the promising career with like-minded partners, and finally shares the gratification of succeed.
  • Legend Star was founded in 2008 and currently holds 7 early stage investment funds with a total amount of nearly RMB 3.5 billion, and has invested in more than 300 projects.
    As the early investment and incubation sectors of Legend Holdings, Legend Star rooted in Lenovo's 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and resource accumulation, providing entrepreneurs with special services of early investment + deep incubation, and playing a role as a “super angel” around entrepreneurs.
  • Shanghai Fortune United/Partners is a professional investment management platform of private equity investment fund, mainly engaged in the equity investment of unlisted companies and post-investment asset management. The company is a private equity fund manager registered with Asset Management Association of China (registration number: P1000741). So far, the company has successfully initiated the establishment and management of nine funds, including two venture capital funds in the healthcare industry, one venture capital fund in the environmental protection industry, one merger and acquisition fund in the environmental protection industry, and one venture capital fund in the consumer Internet. The company and the VC/PE funds under its management are collectively called Fortune United/Partners.
  • Tsingsong Capital is an entrepreneurial private equity investment institution focusing on biotechnology and medical health. The management team has a profound medical industry background and rich experience in private equity investment. We are committed to growing with the most outstanding innovative biomedical companies together, promoting the technological and commercial innovation in China’s life sciences and medical and health industries, insisting on research-driven investment, deeply participating in the development of invested companies, and deeply exploring the biotechnology, medicine, healthcare equipment, innovative medical services, and the intersection of the massive health industry and cutting-edge technology. Since the establishment of the fund, the company has completed investments in star projects in multiple sectors
  • CMB International Capital Co., Ltd. (“CMB International”) is a comprehensive, professional and integrated financial service organization based in Hong Kong, deeply rooted in the Mainland, and facing the world. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., CMB International and its subsidiaries rely on the group's advantages of domestic and foreign synergy and linkage, exploit the parent bank's tremendous strength and outstanding social reputation, actively implement a diversified business strategy, and arrange a comprehensive layout including business sectors of enterprise finance, asset management, wealth management, stocks, structured financing, etc.
  • Sherpa Healthcare Partners was founded in 2018. The founder worked with a well-known venture capital company in China. In 2011, the founder created and led the medical investment team, holding the post of director of medical investment and management of medical funds. Sherpa Healthcare Partners is a united group. It works as one and in a harmonious manner, and will strive forward no matter what storms go through. Sherpa Healthcare Partners has become an influential venture capital institution in China's healthcare field.
  • New World Development Co., Ltd. (the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 00017) was established in 1970 and was listed in Hong Kong in 1972. It is one of the constituent stocks of the HK Hang Seng Index. As a brand with a unique personality, the main business of the group includes property development, property investment and/or the highways operation, business jet leasing, construction, insurance, hotels and other strategic businesses. Its business covers Greater China, especially in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As of June 30, 2020, the total value of the group's assets is approximately HK$600.2 billion. There are two listed companies under the group: NWS Holdings Limited and New World Department Store China Co., Ltd. And the group wholly owns New World China Land Co., Ltd.
  • Langsheng Investment Group Co., Ltd. (“Langsheng Investment”) was established in 2010, focusing on massive health industry and data empowerment companies that have the potential to transform technology into productivity. Since its establishment, the company has cultivated unicorn enterprises such as Ankon Optoelectronics and CapitalBio Technology. The company pays attention to the investment philosophy of entrepreneurship. Depending on the good relationship with outstanding entrepreneurs, authoritative experts and various financial service institutions in different industries, the company provides enterprises with in-depth resource integration in ways of expanding business channels, attracting outstanding talents, establishing modern enterprise systems, connecting strategic resources, and financing in the late stage.
  • Kunlun Fund is an investment management institution focusing on the investment in technologically innovative companies. It was established in 2015 by Mr. Zhou Yahui, the founder of listed A-share company Kunlun Tech Co.,Ltd. and USA listed company Opera, with an asset under management more than RMB 15 billion. Pay attention to the investment opportunities of high-tech/medical/TMT enterprises in series B-D and beyond the growth stage
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