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Clinical Drug Sensitivity Testing
The i-CR® primary tumor cell in vitro drug screening technology platform, independently developed by Percans Oncology, is a breakthrough upgrade to conditional reprogramming (CR) primary cell culture technology. i-CR® technology allows efficient and indiscriminate expansion of primary tumor cells, preserving the tumor heterogeneity of the patients.
In the practice of precision medicine, based on the excellent correlations between results from i-CR® primary tumor cells, PDX models, and clinical outcomes, and with the incorporation of the high-throughput image analysis technology to process and analyze experimental results, we can examine the efficacy and adverse effects of anti-tumor drugs in a faster and more accurate way, thus help the patients to get the most suitable medical solution.
Finding solutions with off-label use of drug combinations
For some patients who are in advanced stages, refractory to the first, second, and third-line treatments, i-CR® technology can screen for off-label use of drug combinations to meet the medical needs of the patients.
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